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Integrity of Practice:
A Contemplative Vision for Higher Education

The Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education’s 5th Annual Conference

November 8-10, 2013
Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts
$267 – $420 (Refer to our fee structure for details; financial aid available)

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Over the past four years, members of the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education have gathered at annual conferences to explore contemplative approaches to all aspects of post-secondary education and to share their questions and discoveries.

During this time, the application of contemplative approaches in educational contexts has increased considerably, both inside and outside the classroom. Neuroscientific research and the increasing use of these practices have been demonstrating their many benefits. As a result, many more students and colleagues are aware of contemplative and reflective practices and are more open to applying them toward particular goals and outcomes.

With these developments in mind, this conference will explore how contemplative practices and perspectives are currently transforming the educational enterprise and will consider the questions and issues that arise concerning the application and adaptation of contemplative practices.

The conference will open with a plenary panel discussion that will initiate a conversation based on the following questions:

  • As contemplative practices are being adapted and developed in higher education, how are we considering issues of integrity and tradition?
  • How might commitments to inclusion and access be strengthened by a closer examination of the relationships between “integrity” and “diversity”? Might a focus on “integrity of practice” also weaken such commitments? How can our deepening practice help us hold these two possibilities as one?
  • How do we bring the benefits of practice to address specific and urgent needs without losing their broader transformative potential?
  • Can we viably assess the effects of our efforts without reducing the practices to narrow instruments?

This conference will include ample time for conversation and sharing among participants through open space sessions, interactive presentations, contemplative practices, panels, and round table and plenary discussions.

When contemplative methods are employed, a variety of outcomes are possible. When practices are used skillfully, the space that they create for students to encounter the emotional, ethical, intellectual and even physical aspects of what they are learning can bring about positive outcomes: both material and immaterial, measurable and immeasurable.

 2013 Conference Steering Committee | Past Conference Programs | Past Conference Videos

About the Conference

2013 Conference Steering Committee


Dorothe Bach
Associate Director and Associate Professor, Teaching Resource Center, University of Virginia

Daniel Barbezat
Professor of Economics, Amherst College 

Anne Beffel
Associate Professor of Art, Design, and Transmedia, Syracuse University

Michelle Francl
Professor of Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College

Alfred Kaszniak
Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neurology, University of Arizona

David Levy
Professor, The Information School, University of Washington

Sharan Strange
Senior Lecturer, English Department, Spelman College


Past Conference Programs


2012 Conference:
Contemplative Approaches in the Diverse Academic Community (.pdf)


2011 Conference:
The Contemplative Campus (.pdf)


2010 Conference:
The Contemplative Academy (.pdf)


2009 Conference:
The Contemplative Heart of Higher Education (.pdf)





Videos from Past ACMHE Conferences


Always On: Exploring Undergraduate Attitudes Towards Information Technology (2011)
David Levy, Professor, Information School, University of Washington


Bringing Attention to Mindfulness Research (2010)
Amishi Jha, Director of The Jha Lab and Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Miami


Contemplative Practices in the Classroom: Value Added or Changes Everything? (2010)
Panel discussion featuring Susan Burggraf (Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, Naropa University), Barry Kroll (Professor of English, Lehigh University), Judith Simmer-Brown (Professor of Religious Studies, Naropa University), and Thomas Coburn (Visiting Scholar, Brown University and President Emeritus, Naropa University)